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Need a kidney?

Receiving a diagnosis of irreversible kidney failure can be devastating. That’s where Renewal comes in. Renewal helps patients and their families navigate the complex process of kidney transplant: finding proper and suitable dialysis and/or transplant centers; locating a donor; arranging the transplant; and much more. The first step is to get registered.

Please call our office at (718) 431-9831 ext. 217

Recipient  Quotes

Henry (Rico) Barnathan

“I thank Hashem and Renewal and my donor. It’s amazing to find people who will donate a kidney to save a life. I have a new lease on life, I’ve gotten my energy back, I feel young again, and I’m getting married.”


Being engaged, being present in life, being appreciative of the moments, is ultimately what counts. That's a measure of who you are in the end. Renewal is an organization that has touched the lives of thousands of people, not only donors and recipients but their family and friends as well. 

David Shamah 
Shamah, David---PHOTO (2).JPG

“Renewal is the organization that helped give me a new lease on life. For that, I’m beyond grateful. Their tireless advocacy for patients, and the donors who sacrifice so much for another person, has forever humbled me.”

7 Jack Schweky.jpg

“I appreciate now, more than ever, waking up in the morning and saying thank you Hashem.”

5 Alon Dery.jpg

“Renewal helped me with the operation very quickly. Hashem got me a kidney donor which changed my life because I was able to continue to help 1,5002,000 poor families in Israel with my own hesed organization.”   

Amanda Benjamin
Amanda B.jpg

“I am so thankful (to Renewal) for finding a perfect match for me so that I can live a more fulfilling life, not having to be connected to a machine 3 times a week. And I am so grateful to them and all of their hard work in finding me a donor. I hope that others do the same and get tested to become a living donor, because it’s the  best gift anyone can give.”

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