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Heroes of Life

Honor your kidney donor on the new “Heroes of Life” dedication wall

What can I do?

How can I ever truly show my gratitude?

How do I thank my kidney donor?

These are common questions that we hear from recipients after they received the gift of life from their kidney donor. There really is no actual way to say thank you to someone who just took a part of themselves and gave it to you as a gift so you can continue to live.

That lead us to the idea of “The Heroes of Life Wall” for the kidney donors, the heroes of life. We have designated an entire wall in our new building to give recipients the opportunity to honor their kidney donor. A multiple of sizes to fit a multiple of people. On the wall, you will be able to honor your kidney donor by expressing your gratitude and appreciation for your new lease on life. Individually designed, each recipient will have their spot to take part in this unparalleled work of appreciation.

Your kidney donor will receive a copy of your beautiful dedication on a plaque

*Design subject to change

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