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Donor Stories

The stories our kidney donors tell are remarkably for any number of reasons: their selflessness, their courage, their humility. But one common element that each one of our donors tell about is the emotional and spiritual rewards they have found for themselves. Through their incredible acts of kindness, by bestowing an anguished person with the gift of life,  they have earned the greatest merit.

hindy m.jpg
Hindy Messinger
jennifer green.jpg
Jennifer Green
Morris Betesh
Shira Rothwachs​
David Barach 2.jpg
David Barach
Moshe Gewirtz croped.jpg
Rabbi Moshe Gewirtz
photo 2.jpg
Ruth Rosenfeld
Nettie Herman
Johnethan Bayer.jpg
Jonathan Bayer
Pinchas Daskal
noam baruch.jpg
Noam Baruch
Mordy Husarsky

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