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Renewal is a 501(c)3 non profit organization EIN #:90-0772896

RENEWAL TORONTO is a non-profit organization working in the Jewish community to help people suffering from irreversible kidney failure. Renewal Toronto was founded in 2009, and is run entirely by volunteers. Renewal Toronto is affiliated with Renewal in New York City which helps victims of kidney disease in the USA and in Israel. Renewal Toronto is endorsed by leading Rabbinic authorities as a fulfilment of the great mitzvah of saving the life of a fellow Jew.

RENEWAL helps sufferers of irreversible kidney failure by working to find a person to donate a kidney to them. Kidney failure is chronic, debilitating, and often fatal. There is no cure, and the only remedy is to obtain a kidney transplant.

RENEWAL helps people who are considering donating a kidney by providing them with reliable and factual information about kidney donation, and by making past kidney donors available to talk about donation and to answer questions.

RENEWAL helps people who have decided to save someone’s life by donating a kidney by providing them with assistance of all types, before, during, and after the transplant operation. Renewal also reimburses donors for all expenses that they incur, and for any lost salary or wages.

For further information on a confidential basis and with no obligation, please call Renewal Toronto at (416) 894-5670 or email them at toronto@renewal.org. 

And if you can’t donate a kidney, please support someone who can by donating to Renewal to help Renewal support kidney donors. Make your cheque payable to “Beth Oloth”, and mail it to Renewal Toronto, 55 Brookview Drive, Toronto, M6A 2K4. Donations of $18 and over will receive a tax receipt.

RENEWAL TORONTO’S dream and goal is that anyone who is in need of a kidney transplant is able to get one within 12 months. Help us make this dream a reality!


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TEL:  (416) 628-7633
EMAIL: Toronto@renewal.org
MAILING ADDRESS: Renewal Toronto, 55 Brookview Drive, Toronto, M6A 2K4