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Molly Pomp

When you meet Molly, a vibrant and active 28 year old woman from Israel, you see a healthy young lady with a dazzling smile, a wonderful husband, and an adorable little girl. You would never know that she had once suffered from debilitating kidney failure. But Molly was actually quite ill for seven years, and the constant dialysis treatments that she had to endure didn’t make things any easier.

She knew that her only hope for a normal life was a kidney transplant. Her husband Aaron was tested but was not a match for her. In desperation to find a suitable donor they turned to Renewal.

Within four weeks of registering at Columbia Presbyterian, they found a donor for Molly, a young man from Boro Park who was determined to perform this ultimate act of chesed (kindness). So Molly and Aaron traveled to America, thanks to the kindness and generosity of a an unknown person willing to donate his kidney to her.

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