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Renewal is a 501(c)3 non profit organization EIN #:90-0772896


There’s a lot to like about supporting Renewal.

For one thing, kidney transplant surgery has a remarkable success rate. The surgery itself rarely has complications, and advances in immunosuppression medicines have brought rejection rates to new lows. That means that nearly every transplant our supporters make possible translates to a new lease on life to a patient with chronic kidney disease.

Secondly, Renewal has an extraordinarily low administration overhead. That means over 95% of the funds we receive from donations go directly to the services we provide: supporting donors and kidney recipients, educating the public about kidney disease and kidney donation, and providing consultation to transplant centers around the world.

Renewal has such a low cost of administration because most of our staff works on a volunteer basis. What’s more, the people who make kidney transplants possible — our kidney donors — become our most vocal ambassadors in raising awareness about the issues of kidney disease and the process of kidney donation.

Not everyone can give a kidney, but anyone can help support the people who do. Each transplant costs $18,900, above and beyond the cost of the actually surgery. Your generous contribution helps Renewal find matches between donors and patients, helps us guide the donor throughout the donation process, and helps us educate the public about kidney disease.

$25,000  –  Corporate Sponsorship
$18,900  –  Transplant Sponsorship
$10,000  –  Partner in Life
$5,000    –  Transplant Partner
$3,600    –  Partner in Hope
$1,800    –  Chai Sponsorship
$1,000    –  Friend of Renewal
$500       –  Silver Sponsor
$360       –  Friend of Donor