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Dear Friend of Renewal,



You may have heard of the unfortunate car accident that took the life of Rabbi Reuven Chaim Biller z"l, a young father of 8 children. Rabbi Biller z"l was taken so tragically and has left an irreplaceable void within the community and beyond.

What makes this so heartbreaking and deeply personal to me, is the little known fact, that Rabbi Biller z"l was signed up to become a kidney donor. He was ready to give up a piece of himself and undergo surgery. He was ready to help a stranger. For zero remuneration, he was ready to give of himself in the most altruistic of ways, to help a fellow man.


His family and friends have created a campaign to raise the needed funds to help his children through this unspeakable tragedy and settle them for the future. 

Let's take a page from the lessons taught by Rabbi Biller z"l and help a stranger. Let's band together and carry his family through this ordeal. After all, Rabbi Biller z"l was set to do just that for any of us! Let's show his children, that we as a community, value his sacrifice and value his giving of the highest order.

Please click the link below and make a generous donation in his honor!

Thank you!

Mendy Reiner,

Founder and Chairman